Colloque proposé par le réseau OuestOÏD

Le 04 avril 2024 à Rennes

Pôle Numérique Rennes Beaulieu


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8h30 |   Accueil

9h00 | Introduction

9h05 |Keynote lecture

Alexandre Baffet – UMR144 – Institut Curie – Paris : « Neural stem cell migration and cell fate decisions »

10h05 | Oral communication Senior scientist

Bertrand Pain – SBRI- Lyon : « Cerebral organoid as a tool to evaluate the neural opioid toxicity »

10h25 | Pause et session posters

10h45 | Oral communication Guest Lecturer

Laurent Poulain – ORGAPRED – Caen : « Use of patient-derived tumor organoids to assess (ovarian) cancer response to treatment: challenges and perspectives »

11h05 Short Oral communication

Veranika Panasenkava – IGRD – Rennes  : « Use of induced pluripotent stem cells & transcriptomic approach to enhance the molecular diagnosis of human neurodevelopmental disorders »

11h15 Short Oral communication

Allwyn Pereira – TaRGeT – Nantes : « Scalable generation of iPSC derived tissue resident macrophages to model immune responses in organoids »

11h25 Short Oral communication

Lucille Moutaux – NuMeCan – Rennes : « Development of a patient-derived organoid model to study cancer stem cells in hepatocellular carcinoma »

11h35 | Short Oral communication

Marion Desdouits – MASAE – Nantes : « Human intestinal enteroids to evaluate the infectivity of enteric viruses in the coastal environment »

11h45 | Pause déjeuner et Posters

13h45 | Keynote lecture

Stefan Giselbrecht – MERLN Institute – Maastricht (NL) : « The dawn of in vitro morphogenesis – from stem cells to organogenesis in microfluidic cell culture platforms »

14h45 | Oral communication Senior scientist

Jean Baptiste Dupont – TARGET – Nantes: « Preclinical gene therapy in an engineered muscle tissue model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy derived from pluripotent stem cells »

15h05 | Short Oral communication

Julie Warin – RMeS – Nantes : « Deciphering microenvironment cues to maintain human notochordal cell phenotype and drive their maturation toward adult disc cells »

15h15 Short Oral communication

Jean-Jacques Lareyre – LPGP – Rennes : « Development of a 3D testicular culture system maintaining germ stem cells populations and successful deep imagery of zebrafish testes »

15h25 | Pause

15h45 | Oral communication by Guest Lecturer

Nicolas Lebonvallet – LIEN – Brest : « Re‐innervated skin models of non‐histaminergic itch and skin neurogenic inflammation »

16h05 Oral communication by Guest Lecturer

Patrice Hemon – HYPERION – Brest : « The use of high dimensional tissue imaging for organoid study »

16h25 Oral communication by Guest Lecturer

Jean-Luc Galzi – BSC (Biotechnologie et signalisation cellulaire) – Illkirch:  « The European HYBRIDA project on Ethics in Organoid Research »

16h45 | Conclusion et fin de la journée



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