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Life science research organizations all over the world have just gone through a phase of establishing and expanding core facilities. These are now generally acknowledged as key elements of scientific research of a state-of-the-art institute. However, in the fast evolving environment of science and technology, a new challenge has emerged: how can facilities maintain their competitive advantage and prepare themselves for the future to come. How to adapt? How to be future-proof?

How do core facilities keep up with innovations? What does innovation entail in a core facility setting and how to be part of an innovation ecosystem?

With this workshop we aim to work with a group of about 25 people on the topic of innovation in core facilities. We want to discuss its importance as part of the core facility’s mission and what it would entail to create value at the technological, scientific, and organisational level. Different aspects will be covered, going from examples of innovation, to creating the right mindset in the life science institutes. We will discuss the skills that are required, the mandates that should be in place, what expectations to manage, and other requirements that are essential for innovative core facilities.