Biogenouest is a Scientific Interest Group (GIS) founded by 11 members: ANSES, CNRS, lfremer, Inra (now INRAE), Inria, Inserm, Université d'Angers, Université Bretagne Ouest, Université Bretagne Sud, Université de Nantes, and Université Rennes 1. In 2018 IRSTEA (now INRAE) joined Biogenouest.

The group also has 11 associate members: Agro Campus Ouest, Angers University Hospital, Brest University Hospital, Nantes University Hospital, Rennes University Hospital, ENS Rennes, ENSC Rennes, IMT Atlantique, Oniris, GEVES, and Sorbonne University.

The merger of INRA and IRSTEA at the beginning of 2020 and the dissolution of the Université Bretagne Loire at the end of 2019 brings the number of GIS signatory members to 10.

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