Biogenouest is a Group of Scientific Interest (GIS) founded by 11 members: ANSES, CNRS, IFREMER, INRA, INRIA, INSERM, University of Angers, University of Western Brittany, University of Southern Brittany, University of Nantes, and the University of Rennes 1. In 2018, IRSTEA and Université Loire Loire have joined Biogenouest, bringing 13 members of GIS.

The group also includes 11 associate members: Agro Campus Ouest, CHU Angers, CHU Brest, CHU Nantes, CHU Rennes, ENS Rennes, ENSC Rennes, IMT Atlantic, Oniris, GEVES, and Sorbonne University.

The members of Biogenouest

Associate members of Biogenouest

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