Team and governance

Instances ensure the daily functioning of the network:

  • The grouping council defines Biogenouest's strategy, ensures the consistency of the actions implemented and approves the program of Biogenouest activities. Its president is elected for one year, an election which respects the geographic alternation (Bretagne and Pays de la Loire) and institutional (large research organizations and universities). The current president of Biogenouest is Pierre BOUDRY (Ifremer).
  • The Steering Committee ensures the implementation of the decisions, the permanent follow-up and the animation of the activity of the GIS and its various bodies.
  • The Scientific Council Biogenouest is in charge of the scientific animation of the network, it proposes the scientific policy, the long-term orientations and their evolution, the recognition of unifying thematic programs, the declination of the means necessary to the implementation of these orientations.
  • The Technologic core facilities Committee, which is made up of the managers of the core facilites, has the role of promoting the pooling and coordination of the activities of the various platforms (work rules, organizational methods, quality procedures, access management, pricing policies, etc.).
    This committee has an advisory role: it provides guidance and provides advice to the Steering Committee and the Scientific Council.
  • The Animation Unit Its mission is the animation, coordination and communication of the network.
  • The Commission valorisation Its mission is to pool practices and develop recovery projects using a set of services and networked resources.

Our goals

Supported by its 11 signatory members, the GIS IBiSA and the Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions, Biogenouest acts in common, notably for:

Fosteremergence of high-performance technological platforms at the service of the interregional scientific community of life and environmental sciences, in particular by ensuring the coordinated development of platforms or by organizing the regrouping of certain platforms belonging to the same field.

Look for the optimal use of equipment and resources.

Encourage the development of pooling approaches for the most expensive scientific equipment and / or requiring support by high-level technical staff.

Contribute to the animation and communication actions related to the network of regional platforms.

Help with pooling of resources common to the platforms of the regional perimeter, for example with regard to development and quality management, the setting up of pricing assistance units or any other service that it would seem advisable to pool.

Contribute to the training of students, the academic and industrial community as well as the general public, to enable them to acquire as quickly as possible the most innovative concepts in the life sciences, and their applications.