As part of its scientific animation GIS Biogenouest offers you to review the conferences that have been held in recent years.

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Scientific Conferences
Scientific Conferences

The previous years…


26 January: Management of "omics" data by EnginesOn by Yvan LE BRAS.


1er March: "Unicell, a project based on the cooperation of Biogenouest's core facilities to set up a complete offer of cell population analysis solutions at the single cell scale" by Laurent DAVID (PhD, Associate Professor at the Medical School of Nantes / Head of the iPSC core facility of Nantes).


17 December: "Olfactory Receptors: Genetic Polymorphism, Functional Diversity? By Francis GALIBERT (Professor UMR 6290 CNRS / Faculty of Medicine, Université Rennes 1).

29 september: "Cell signaling and modeling" by Nathalie THERET (INSERM UMR1085, IRSET, UMR6074 IRISA, Rennes).

28 April: "The beauty of" omic "approaches: improving the quality of Polynesian pearls" by Caroline MONTAGNANI, UMR 5244 IHPE (Interactions Hosting Pathogenic Environments) / MIMM Team (Mechanisms of Interaction and Adaptation in Marine Environment.

24 February: "Mitochondrial Dynamics and Blinding Diseases" by Guy LENAERS (Pole of Research and Teaching in Mitochondrial Medicine, Université d'Angers)

29 January: "Global modeling of metabolism for the interpretation of biomarkers" by Fabien JOURDAN (INRA - UMR1331 TOXALIM-MeX, Toulouse)


18 December: "Plant-microbial community interactions in the rhizosphere: from the improvement of the adaptive value of the host to the control of interactions in an agroecological context" by Christophe MOUGEL (INRA - Institute of Genetics, Environment and Plant Protection) .

23 September: "Biofilms of marine bacteria and production of anti-biofilm molecules" by Alain DUFOUR of the Laboratory of Biotechnologies and Marine Chemistry (University of South Bretagne - European University Institute of the Sea).

24 April: "Gene editing with the CRISPR system / 9 case" (1e part of the presentation / 2nd part of the presentation) by Tuan Huy NGUYEN, researcher at Inserm (UMR 1064).

25 February: "Genetic variation of ticks: contributions for vector control and understanding the epidemiology of tick-borne diseases" by Olivier Plantard, research scientist at INRA.

30 January: "Integrative genomics of energy metabolism in endocrine tumors" by Frédérique SAVAGNER (EA 3143 - Laboratory of Neurobiology and Transgenesis - Health Pole of the Université d'Angers).


19 December: "Environment, endocrine disruptors and human health" by Bernard JEGOU, research director of exceptional class INSERM and Professor at the EHESP.

21 november: "Guilty genes in the summer mortality of the oyster Crassostrea gigas" by Arnaud HUVET - Ifremer, Plouzané.

15 October: "The modeling of the living in the INRIA-IRISA ecosystem" by C. BARILLOT, C. KERVRANN, D. LAVENIER and A. SIEGEl - INRIA Center of Rennes: Presentation of the Dyliss team by Anne Siegel, presentation of the GenScale team by Dominique LAVENIER, presentation of the Serpico team by Charles KERVRANN.

12 September: "Biogenesis and dynamics of mitochondria in plants" by David C. LOGAN.

28 May: "Molecular epidemiology of fish viruses: usefulness and limits in the control of epidemics" by Laurent BIGARRE - Anses Plouzané.

16 April: "Phenotyping" by Michel RENARD, Deputy Unit Director and Deputy Head of Department of the Plant Biology and Plant Improvement Department of IGEPP (INRA).

21 February: "Integrating research and training in nanomedicine: issues and perspectives" by Franck BOURY, Professor, coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus European doctoral program "NanoFar" Inserm U1066 MINT "Micro-Nanomedicines Biomimetics", Université d'Angers.

17 January: "Vibrios infecting marine invertebrates: new insights into vibrio virulence and their adaptive gene reservoirs" by Frédérique LE ROUX, Head of the Ifremer / UPMC emerging team "Genomics of Vibrio", Roscoff Biological Station.


18 December: "Does the expression of the genome reveal its structure? An example of e-science "by Christian DIOT, Research Director INRA, UMR Pegase, Saint-Gilles.

November 22: "The metabolomics, functional genomics or phenotyping tool to treat plant / environment relationships and stress resistance? By Alain BOUCHEREAU, UMR 1349 IGEPP, INRA-Agrocampus Ouest-Université Rennes 1.

16 October: "Cloud computing: where does it come from? Who is she ? What can she do? By Luc Bougé, Professor ENS Cachan, KerData Team, Irisa / Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique. To see the video, click here.

13 September: "Production and use of TALENs nucleases for controlled genome modification".

Part 1 by Jean-Paul CONDORCET, Department of Genetics and Development, Institut Cochin, Paris.

Part 2 by Ignacio ANEGON, Inserm UMR 1064, Nantes.