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A major regional gathering of biotech professionals, Gen2Bio remains a unique event in France because of its size and success in bringing together researchers and biotech companies. Each year, nearly 400 participants attend high-level conferences and thematic workshops organized by Biogenouest: biotech companies, research laboratories, competitiveness clusters, valorisation actors, researchers, engineers and doctoral students ... all of whom come mainly from Bretagne and Pays de la Loire, the territory of Biogenouest, but also other regions of France and Europe. Gen2Bio's mission is to promote the biotechnology skills of our region, thereby contributing to the influence of the Greater West.

For more than 10 years the community responds present, so this event takes every year a little more scale in terms of notoriety and attendance. We are committed to maintaining and increasing the level of quality and interest.


2019 - Angers

The 12th edition of the Gen2Bio congress was held in Angers on the theme of Agronomy.

Gen2Bio, the annual gathering of researchers from the West and Biotech companies, organized by Biogenouest and our partners, makes it possible to establish a direct contact with the core facilities and to measure the progress of research work in the field of living in the Western France and more widely ...

The biotechnology at the service of Agronomy.

Biogenouest and its Scientific Council have chosen to present to the Biotech community innovative projects in the field of Agronomy at the three conferences. Between 30 and 40 speakers, many of whom have an international reputation, will host these conferences as well as technology workshops. It is a demonstration of the density of the subject and the activity of the Biogenouest platforms, and also of their institutional or private partners. The Genomics, Proteomics, Functional Exploration, Bio-imaging, Structural Analysis and Metabolomics, and Bioinformatics axes will be highlighted in their transversality.

2018 - Rennes

The 11th edition of the Gen2Bio congress took place in Rennes around the theme of Health.

La 11st edition of the biotech congress Gen2Bio, organized by Biogenouest in Rennes. This was a first for this scientific congress. Until then, the number of participants in the congress since 10 years exceeded the capacity of reception areas Rennes. For 2018 the ambition of the Biogenouest Scientific Council is to exceed the scope of this meeting. The twenty-four technological workshops and the plenary conferences will be presented around the theme of "Health". More than 400 professional participants, mostly scientists, took part in this rendezvous of research in the West.

2017 - Nantes

La 10st edition of Gen2Bio was held on Tuesday 14 March 2017 in Nantes (44) on Environmental Sciences

The Gen2Bio biotech congress aims to bring together western life scientists and biotech companies.

A large majority of participants were very satisfied with the topics covered during the congress, moments of exchange between participants / facilitators / speakers, reception and general organization. The high quality of the speakers, the dynamic format and the balance between workshops and conferences were often highlighted in the responses to the satisfaction questionnaire.

2016 - Saint-Brieuc

La 9st edition of Gen2Bio was held on Thursday March 31, 2016 in Saint-Brieuc (22) on blue Biotechnologies.

2015 - La Baule

La 8st edition of Gen2Bio was held on Thursday March 26, 2015 in La Baule (44) on the theme of Agro & Biotech.