The OuestOÏD unifying project aims to list all the players in research on organoids and to bring out in the Bretagne and Pays de Loire regions a network dynamics between all these actors, by facilitating interactions between research teams and technological core facilities. Through this project, we hope to translate interactions into joint projects and support funding requests for the acquisition of new equipment identified as limiting.

The project will contribute to increasing the visibility of Breton and Loire research.


Mapping the expertise of the different actors is available and is updated as the project progresses.

An inventory of the needs of the research units in the two regions is also carried out to propose actions with the greatest possible impact.


This inventory will allow the setting up of different actions that will be implemented, consistent with the expertise/needs identified, to:

  • Setting up training
  • Assistance in setting up joint R&D projects between units and core facilities.
  • Coordination of our scientific animation with national initiatives (notably the GDR, link).

Scientific animation

  • Seminars, webinars
  • Animation of thematic workshops linked to the core facilities
  • Annual scientific conference