Catalyze the highlighting of new natural bioactive marine products around the study of micromycetes.

Expected results

  • Creation and coordination of a collaboration network between 9 Biogenouest core facilities in the Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions
  • Development of a bioprospecting and development pipeline for marine micromycetes
  • Sustainability of the network and transposition of the concept to other types of natural samples

An original project

The originality of this Bretagne and Pays de la Loire interregional project is to combine 9 core facilities involved in several areas of Biogenouest network (Functional exploration, Proteomics, Structural and metabolomic analysis, Bioinformatics) around a source of innovative biomolecules : marine micromycetes.

The geographic dispersion of teams, companies and socio-economic actors working in the field of marine micromycetes can be a brake on their biotechnological development. The CatalyMar project responds to a need to revitalize this sector. The coordinator of the unifying project maintains links between the different actors, follows the progress of scientific results and monitors the PAA in the field of marine biotechnologies to feed, develop and open this network beyond the Great West region.

“After a university training in marine biotechnology, I recently completed a thesis on the bioadhesion of marine organisms. My career and my professional experiences have enabled me to be sensitive to the promotion of fundamental research. As part of the unifying CatalyMar project, I am pleased to initiate collaborative work between multiple players in order to boost the development of a marine resource that is still too little considered. "

Valentin Foulon, Leader of the unifying project