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PRISM is hosting a webinar on 3 December 2020. This webinar focuses on the theme of micro-structure via NMR and MRI measurements for health and biomaterials applications.

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9:00 | Virtual café and videoconference reception (tests)

09:15Presentation of the PRISM bio-imaging platform by François MARIETTE, PRISM platform, Rennes
09:30Contribution of MRI in the development of Biopolymers by Benjamin NOTTELET, Institut of Biomolecules Max Mousseron, Montpellier
10:15Multimodal nanoparticle systems and theranostic approaches in MRI by Bich-Thuy DOAN, Chimie ParisTech PSL Research University, Institute of Chemistry for Life and Health Sciences (i-CleHS), Paris
11:00 | Compressed sensing MRI applied to food structure and milk filtration by Sebastian SCHUHMANN, Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics, Karlsruhe Institut für Teknologie, Karlsruhe
11:45"Vessel size imaging" and MRI diffusion to explore cerebral microarchitecture by Emmanuel BARBIER, Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences, Grenoble

12:30 | Conclusion


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