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Program :

  • Platforms of the Proteomics Axis (team, equipment, technologies and activities):
    - Thomas RORET - CristalO, Roscoff
    - Pierre WEIGEL - IMPACT, Nantes
    - Frédéric PECORARI - P2R, Nantes
    - Emmanuelle COM - Protim, Rennes
  • Conference Carbohydrate-protein interactions in the perspective of biomedical applications By Gerlind SULZENBACHER, UMR 7257 Architecture and Function of Biological Macromolecules (AFMB), Marseille
  • « Pharmacological innovations for the study of neuroreceptors: interest of BRET and AlphaScreen technology By Séverine MORISSET-LOPEZ, UPR 4301 Center for Molecular Biophysics, Orléans
  • « Production of monoclonal antibodies for experimental and therapeutic purposes By François DAVODEAU, UMR 1232 Research Center for Cancer and Immunology Nantes Angers (CRCINA), Nantes
  • « The 3D structure of nigritoxin - a new fold protein, and what does this tell us about its interactions? By Mirjam CZJZEK, UMR 8227 Laboratory of Integrative Biology of Marine Models (LBI2M), Roscoff
    « How the central field of dystrophin acts to bridge F-actin to sarcolemmal lipids By Olivier DELALANDE and / or Jean-François HUBERT, UMR 6290 Rennes Institute of Genetics and Development (IGDR), Rennes
  • Round table " Interactomic and protein complexes ", Hosted by Charles PINEAU, Protim, Rennes


6 FEBRUARY 2020 | Conference room Roscoff Biological Station - Place George Teissier - 29688 Roscoff