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8:50 | Home - Tests
9:00 | The platforms of the Proteomics axis (team, equipment, technologies and activities):

- Thomas RORET - CristalO, Roscoff

- Pierre WEIGEL - IMPACT, Nantes

- Frédéric PECORARI - P2R, Nantes

- Emmanuelle COM - Protim, Rennes

09:45 | “High-throughput protein production” by Renaud VINCENTELLI, High-throughput protein production and interaction platform, AFMB, Marseille
10:30 | “Application of high-throughput quantitative interaction assays for the development of new peptide therapeutics” by Renaud VINCENTELLI, High throughput protein production and interaction platform, AFMB, Marseille
11:15 | Pause
11:30 | “The Growing Role of Structural Proteomics in Biology” by Sarah CIANFERANI-SANGLIER, BioOrganic Mass Spectrometry (LSMBO), Strasbourg
12:00 | “Interfaces between the human nucleosome and the retroviral integration complex as platform for host / pathogens interactions” by Vincent PARISSI, Mobility of pathogenic genomes and chromatin dynamics (MoBile) Team, Laboratory of Fundamental Microbiology and Pathogenicity (MFP), Bordeaux
12:30 | "Modeling and interactomics" by Gilles LABESSE, Center for Structural Biology (CBS), Montpellier
13:00 | Conclusion



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