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Day of the Bioinformatics axis of Biogenouest.

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9: 30 | "Tour of the West Bioinformatics platforms" by Audrey BIHOUEE [BiRD platform, Nantes], Olivier COLLIN [GenOuest platform, Rennes], Gildas LE CORGUILLE [ABiMS platform, Roscoff], Patrick DURAND [Sebimer, Brest]
10: 00 | "FAIR & reproducible science" by Sarah COHEN-BOULAKIA, Université Paris-Saclay
10: 30 | “The bioinfo tools: easier to install and therefore to reuse” by Gildas LE CORGUILLE, ABiMS platform, Roscoff
11: 00 | “JupyterHub: interactive data science” by Julien SEILER, IGBMC, Strasbourg
11: 30 | “Go Bio with Containers” by Olivier SALLOU, GenOuest platform, Rennes
14: 00 | “NextFlow: do and reFAIR data analyzes” by Cyril NOËL, Sebimer, Brest
14: 30 | "Snakemake workflows, you have to FAIR" by Eric CHARPENTIER, BiRD platform, Nantes
15: 00 | "Replay your article in one click" by Thomas DENECKER, IFB Core, Jouy-En-Josas