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This scientific activity day was organized on the theme 'microbiomes' (Programs).

Various aspects concerning the role of microbiota will be discussed during this day, in particular on human health, for the development and resistance of plants, algae. Understanding this microbiota will also be widely discussed from a bioinformatics perspective.

Program :

[9: 30] “Does the microbiota play a role in eating behavior? »By Gaëlle BOUDRY, UMR1241 NuMeCan, Rennes

[10: 00] "Complexity of the study of the intestinal microbiota in the elderly, from theory to practice" by Guillaume CHAPELET, CHU de Nantes

[10: 30] “Expanding our understanding of the algal holobiont: potential keystone bacterial species of Ectocarpus singled out through metabolic complementarity” by Elham KARIMI, UMR8227 LBI2M, Roscoff

[11: 00] “Microbiota and metagenomics, from research to care” by Geneviève HERY-ARNAUD, UMR1078 GGFB, Brest

[11: 30] “Identification and quantification of strains in a strain mixture using variation graphs” by Kevin DA SILVA, UMR6074 IRISA, Rennes

[12: 00] "The plant microbiota, a scientific issue" by Christophe MOUGEL, UMR1349 IGEPP, Le Rheu

12:30 Buffet lunch

[13: 30] Presentation of the Genomic Axis of Biogenouest

[14: 00] “Inferring biogeochemical landscapes from metagenomes” by Damien EVEILLARD, UMR6004 LS2N, Nantes

[14: 30] “Temporal dynamics of marine microbial communities: how far we can go with meta-barcoding data? »By Mariarita CARACCIOLO, UMR7144 AD2M, Roscoff

[15: 00] “A guided tour to computational microbiome analysis” by Erwan DELAGE, UMR6004 LS2N, Nantes

[15: 30] “Using metabolic complementarity in microbiome to understand interactions among organisms” by Arnaud BELCOUR, UMR6074 IRISA, Rennes