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MoDaL is an interregional project carried by the Biogenouest network which aims to animate a large scientific community, including the field ofIT,  marine and plant biology, as well as the field of health and human and animal biology.

Digital technology makes it possible to acquire increasingly voluminous data, but, in the field of living organisms, their use is often partial. To bring a combined look at these data would make it possible to study their complementarity and to set up a heterogeneous, multidisciplinary environment, capable of making full use of the data obtained and exploring new avenues of research.

We come to you today, because we wish organize a hackathon around the integration of heterogeneous data (phenotyping and genotyping) and / or multi-scale (genes, cells, organs, individuals, population).

Le next link will allow you to access a form that we have prepared in order to better organize the hackathon and to:

  • understand the typology of data sets and the tools in hand for the different research teams
  • identify your experiences and / or expectations around data integration

If you are interested, please fill in the form by the end of November at the latest.

We remain at your disposal for any information and additional questions.

Hope to have a positive feedback from you.

See you soon !

The MoDaL team



Contact : sofia.strubbia@univ-nantes.fr

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