Title of the article

Title of the article

SUccESS: Synergy for a UnivErsal Skin Substitute.

The SUcceSS research program involves 8 partners: Nantes University Hospital (CHUN), 2 Industrial (NAOS and Bionuclei), 3 Inserm units (Cochin Institute, CRCINA, the Thorax Institute), the proteomic platform Protim (University of Rennes I) and the TELAP network (Telemedicine Applied to Wounds). The SUccESS project, coordinated by Prof. Dréno du CHUN, aims to develop an innovative regenerative dressing, Cellvie+, and to improve knowledge in the field of wound healing to create new treatments.


Burns are a major public health problem, with nearly 11 million people worldwide annually undergoing burns severe enough to require medical attention. The challenge related to the treatment of burns is to restore as quickly as possible and completely the function of the skin barrier, thus avoiding the occurrence of scars, infections and reducing pain.

There is currently no treatment for burns that can meet this major challenge. This public health problem is particularly important in children, who account for about 50% of burns, and for whom the surgeon most often decides to perform an autograft of skin.

The Cellvie Medical Device+ comes from the meeting between the worlds of nanobiotechnology and biology. Indeed, the physical componentis a matrix consisting of a new generation of polysaccharides associated with two types of Quantum Dots (QDs). The result is a honeycomb structure with high exudate absorption capacity as well as anti-oxidant and anti-infectious properties. The biological component is a secretome obtained from fetal skin cells that are major players in the regeneration of the fetal skin. The matrix provides protection for the secretome embedded in its honeycombs. This innovative dressing will come in the form of an easy-to-use spray at the hospital and in the city, and all over the world thanks to telemedicine.

So, Cellvie+, being able to accelerate healing, reduce the risk of infection and pain, will be a real technological breakthrough in the field of burns.

SUccESS aims (1) to develop the first nanobiotechnological device for skin regeneration and (2) to improve knowledge of these regenerative mechanisms.