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About me

Academic researcher INRA then IFREMER with a specialty in molecular genomics especially on higher plants.
Use of microalgae in biotechnologies for the production of recombinant proteins.

Which structure?

IFREMER: Physiology and biotechnology of algae. Impact of the various biotic and abiotic environmental factors in basic research and applied research (bio-fuel production, water purification ...)

Which projects?

Start of project in 2010. ANR project factor 4: Improve the lipid activity of micro-algae (unicellular).
In the project there was a basic need to sort populations of millions of algae to isolate individuals.
Second project to select clones of a hundred individuals among millions with very specific criteria.

What core facility and how is it going?

Cytocell - Cytometry and cell sorting core facility.

What feeling?

Not the "click-button", but a real notion of advice to adapt all the parameters of cytometry (the pressure, the type of nozzle, what do we really want to sort? ...)
Feedback is very valuable. There is a real project monitoring and qualitative analysis of results and handling procedures.

Why is it interesting to work with a Biogenouest core facility?

We do not have the recurring needs internally nor the funds to equip a cytometer.
Having close technology and the human resource able to guide us in our projects is a real added value for our research.
There is also a responsiveness that allows the core facility. We work on living things and we need to be responsive to the optimal conditions of a research project.

How's it going ?

It is a performance quote on a time of use of the core facility and depending on the project.
There is a co-creation part upstream, to define well the conditions of the manipulation (what types of markers for example ...).
Intellectual property is left to IFREMER, however the core facility is associated and quoted in the publications.

Biogenouest in a few words?

Ease of access and a huge offer of core facilities, and in addition there is always a good atmosphere! It's an open-minded, turnkey and human resource that knows their job thoroughly and can advise in the research project.