Title of the article

Title of the article

Multi-scale Data Links

One of the major current issues in biology consists in homogenizing data formats and structures in order to be able to analyze them together, and not “in silos”. Sofia intervenes to animate this issue at the scale of the Western France network, that is to say to connect the various actors in the field, to communicate on the projects in progress, and to present a prototype on a concrete case: the ICAN study dataset.

Seminar 11/07

Objectives: Unclutter actors and resources in genomics, imaging in vivo, in-vitro to consider the algorithmic exploitation (semantics and statistics) of heterogeneous data.

Expected results

  1. State of play of the actors and infrastructures of the Great West,
  2. Annual meetings for regional actors,
  3. Technological demonstrators for the management, analysis and reuse of multi-infrastructure data (in-vivo, in-vitro imaging, genomics), in the context of intracranial aneurysms.

Sofia STRUBBIA: Moderator of the federating MoDal project (Multi-scale Data Links).